Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost Poetry by Yours Truly

One Moment
Shamree Howard

My daughter learned to clap today
And I learned to pause
To take a moment
To share in her joy
Her delight
Of finally figuring out
How to control her hands
To make a noise
To express joy
I realized in that moment
That one paused moment
The bills didn’t matter
My job didn’t matter
My weight didn’t matter
Only the fact that I was there
And that I paused
To share that one moment with her
And found joy


Shamree Landis

one may wonder if windows
that see into the depths of the soul
are a blessing or a curse
they show the hope of what yet
come to pass, if only-
any they dare not show
the disappointment one keeps at bay
one may lose themselves
pining away for their eyes
to confirm only that which
their hearts have dared to dream of
and they could spend their
entire lives looking into that window
waiting and hoping
al the time just wasting away
without a sliver of a change
to regain those precious lost moments
then again-
in giving someone the chance to do it again
I bet they wouldn’t change a thing-
Because you see
Love may make the world go round
But hope
Is what makes the ride worthwhile

Shamree Landis

your cologne hands in the air
refusing to leave
like moth balls on my grandmothers wedding
gown saved for me
in the attic
a place I dare not venture to
like asking what if
or asking you why
I could not make you
Love me
And I could not make you
So I let you go
With open arms and
A closed heart
Hoping you’d come back
To the cologne that
Belongs to you
And yet here is stays
Heavy in the air
Heavy on my shoulders
Guarding my heart
Keeping it prisoner
For a master that will not return


If I were in Charge of the World
Shamree Landis


If I were in charge of the world purple would be the royal color
and chocolate would be a food group
all John Grisham movies would be rated “G”
and Jerks would spontaneously combust
just like pollution
we wouldn’t have enemies
because they would be banned
People who are sweet would be adored
because they wouldn’t let it go to their head
like the professional sports players
who are mostly guys anyway
there would have to be more pro women’s teams
and they would play to profit education
because college is expensive
then everyone could go
I would make everyone take a language pill
just like vitamins but they would allow everyone to understand
every other language
even sign
Everyone would have to have a teddy bear to hold
and a hug everyday
because hugs are good and make people smile
and every millionaire would adopt an orphan like “Annie”
so there would only be happy endings, eventually
If I were in charge of the World


Homeless Hobo
Shamree Landis

When I sold the world
I misdirected hostility
Now my lightning crashes
As my thunder rolls
My heart hungers
Remembering the time
That it looked back in anger

The fear of being alone
Makes me a stranger
A dream lover of no-one
That lives on the edge
Between insanity and fantasy

Who will save my soul
When the rainbow comes
Step by step in the rain
Right next to hell
I will knock on heavens door

If God will send his angels
I can still throw it all away
To save this little bit of soul


  1. Awesome, Shamree! Don't you just love finding old poetry?! I found one last week that I had written about my dad. You might have just given me the courage to post it on my blog! :) Hope you're doing well. Love you lots!

  2. This is really neat Shamree. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you were a poet. I loved the first one you wrote about Abby. Just beautiful!