Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“Come follow me” Jesus said “and I will make you fishers of men” Matthew 4:19

I love this story. Jesus called to them and they answered immediately- wow. There was no “but” or “what if” or “how?” or “what about that guy?”. Can you imagine the job description for this?
- Must be willing to travel 100%
- Expenses not paid, must work for free
- You will be persecuted
- Accomplish tasks with no questions asked, even if they do not make sense
- Serve others whole heartedly
- Sleep and food optional
And they did without question or hesitation. How many times in my life has God tried to call to me or recruit me for a job and I either haven’t been listening, or didn’t answer, or just put up too much resistance. How can I obey and follow in my current job? Maybe this is what God has called me to and I need to serve him in what I am doing. When the apostles agreed to follow Christ they accepted the call on His terms, not theirs. Isn’t that how it is with most jobs? On your bosses terms? Where is God calling me to serve and follow him today? How can I be in tune and listen especially since I’m not a good listener. I’m horrible actually at only listening enough so I can formulate a response in my head before they finish speaking. I interrupt. I talk over people. I talk too much. I need to learn to listen. Really listen. To others. To God. This means I have to take time with people and not rush through them. I need to learn to be comfortable in silence and listen intently. This is how I felt when I was in France- I spent so much time listening and trying to understand that I had little time to respond. I had to listen, look, and just soak in everything around me to hear and understand what people where saying. That is how I want to listen to people- that is how I need to learn to listen to God.

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