Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Fall

Fall is upon us already and it's not yet the end of September. My daughter needs to wear tights. I need my scarf and jacket. Leaves are turning--- ahhh I love fall. It is my favorite time of year. I 'm not sure if it is because of my birthday is in this season, or because I'm not overly fond of being hot. I like summer sun and fun, but give me cold anytime over being hot. I think wearing jeans, short sleeve shirts with a long sleeve one tied around my waist and comfy tennis shoes is my favorite outfit--- hence I love fall.

It signifies change and time for being indoors with warm blankets and loved ones. Baking and cooking yummy soups (not that I am a soup lover mind you) and sweets.

It also used to mean back to school. I love school. I am a nerd- no surprise. I miss going to school, ok not the cost, but the classes and learning.

Now my daughter is in school and it's me being the mom arranging play dates, PTO events, and packing lunches. When did I get so old??? I would happily just pack my lunch and go to school and play at recess and do art projects right along with her. Alas, it's her time now and I'm the school bus.

How time flies.....

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