Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first blog

I feel like I am stepping off a cliff into an unknown territory called "blogland". I hope and pray this is a good place to just be me, and recapture that little bit of me that has been lost, or exchanged for Mommy, Wife, Employee, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Cousin, and somewhat "nursing cow" to my 3 month old. (Yes I just said that).

I'll start to add pictures, etc soon.


Let the blogging begin!


  1. I just started a few weeks ago, it's nice to kind of have an online journal to document things with and keep in touch with other people.

  2. P.S. You should ask Jenn to design a blog layout for you. She does an amazing job!

  3. This will be an interesting journey - thank you for inviting me along.