Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Old...

I don't care if nobody understands my feelings right now. I can hardly understand them myself. I just know that buying our first home is not giving me the joy I always anticipated. I know that is due to the post-partum depression I'm going through- but it's still hard for my normally logical brain to comprehend why I can't be over joyous with this amazing house. It's more than I expected for our first home. It's overwhelming. In addition buying a formal dining room set complete with china hutch it just made me feel so old. not mature, but old. It's something I would only expect to see in my parents house or grandmothers house, not mine. Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted one and am so happy that we got a brand new set for only $750 due to a divorce (not happy on that), but it sits in the garage reminding me that I'm now the parent with a mortgage, 2 kids+, job, and things that only my parents used to have. I see how Abby thinks we are so old and we are her parents. But I don't feel as "together" as my parents seemed to me when I was growing up. I look around my messy house, wrinkled laundry, unmade bed and just feel like I'm pretending to be an adult. But now with the house and new furniture I just feel old. Again not mature, just old. I'm not sure I like it one bit at all. I know I should be so grateful that all this craziness is for good reasons, but my logical brain can't outweigh the heaviness in my heart still. I sure hope this post-partum depression is over soon, or it will rob me of any joy of buying our new house and having our third child.

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