Monday, December 21, 2009


So apparently people follow me on my blog, that never talk to me- too weird. Why don't people just pick up the phone and call or drop a friendly email? So for all those nosey people out there, and those that actually care to know what's new in my life here we go-

I've been over my post-partum depression for a month now- yeah:) It seems to just hit for about 2 months when I wean a kid and then suddenly it's gone- thankfully:)

We are moved in and settled into our new and wonderful house. I love it. Yes there are little things I'd like to change, but who doesn't think that when they own their house? I love having people over and am so glad that we now have a comfortable spare room/bathroom so guests are no longer sleeping on our futon in our living room:) Although they didn't complain...this will entice people to come over and stay more- come grandparents come...we love the help and the kids LOVE having you around:)

I still have my job at Agilent. I feel horrible for all those that don't anymore and am glad many people landed on thier feet- but pray for those that haven't yet. I feel more blessed this Christmas than I have felt (even though I was) in a long time. So many people are in need, or maybe just in need of a friendly smile if nothing else. I wish people I knew felt easier about asking for help. It would make it easier to help them instead of trying to do it sneaky and guessing if they need help or not. I pray that if I ever need help physically, emotionally, or financially that I'm not too proud or ashamed to ask. It's especially hard for us Landis's I know that...but I also know without a doubt that any of my friends or family would help me on a dime- and have in the past- if I ever needed it and I just wish others felt free enough (even in confidentiality) to just ask. Please never hesitate to ask us for help...we are here. We love you all.

We find out in 1.5 hours if boys or girls will rule this howard household...dun dun dun....
I can only think of a girls name, Phoebe Alane and for a boys name no clue on the first but the middle will be after my dad, Dean, his middle name (and my brothers too:) ).

If we have a little boy he and Nehemiah will be so close they can share a room, clothes, etsc....but if we have a little girl maybe Miah won't feel like he got kicked out of being the baby too soon as he will be the only boy. As long as they are healthy I don't care. Honestly I have no "intuition" on either. I've had 1/2 of the symptoms I had with Abby and 1/2 the symptoms I had with right now only God knows....

Update coming soon:)

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