Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wishful thinking? Nightmare? Or mommy intuition?

Ok so here I sit at the computer with a really achy back and crampy abdomen.

The thoughts on this range in my head....
  1. OH MY it's the baby (yeah I'm done with work and can be off)
  2. oh CRAP it's the baby (holy crap! It's too early for him to come. I'd be leaving work in a mess!!!)
  3. Hm...I need exercise (I guess I could get up and walk around more)
  4. I really should get off my butt and move around (I should start work earlier tomorrow and take time to go to the prego water aerobic class at the YMCA tomorrow)
  5. Is there anyway I can weasel a massage out of Josh? He's tired because he's in the middle of CSAP testing- ICK!
  6. Maybe I should take a nice long hot bath Augh. Walking all the way upstairs, filling the tub is so much work. And what if it's just uncomfortable now that I'm bigger? All that wasted water and effort for nothing.
  7. Maybe I have to go to the bathroom? Seems like I always have to go these days....
  8. I should try a hot pack or ice pack- which one on what part will feel the best? And can I use heat on my belly or do I need to stay away from that?
  9. Maybe I just need more water- Augh then I'll be doing #7 all night long.....
  10. I think I have more things to do than just sit here and think about how much my lower back and abdomen hurt. Off to play scrabble on facebook (any takers?) and put my feet up.


  1. Hm...no clue why this text is so big....

  2. I hope that baby isn't giving you too much trouble-yet.
    Cute post.

  3. Haha! Many of those same thoughts have raced through my head. Send me an invite for the Scrabble app...I don't have that one. :)