Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new project

I am so blessed to have this time off with Josiah, my last baby. I think since I know it's my last one I'm really enjoying it, aside from the extra long recovery- that or I'm finally getting the hang of this mommy thing since it's my third! The only real trouble I'm having is that my brain feels useless right now and my body is taking a beating. All the time sitting and nursing gives me too much time to think, with nothing much to think about or plan- which is slowly driving me nuts. I always have something I'm working on or planning or thinking and right now- I don't. When to have kids? done. When to buy a house and how much to spend? done. Get a family car? done. This leaves me with 2 options. 1- a new project for work or 2- a new project for home. Well I'm not ready to think about work yet so I'm starting to play around with #2. Here are some ideas that although they seem like great ideas at 2am, I'm just not sure they are feasible right now...
  • Make enough hand made blankets, crafts, etc- to sell at craft fairs this winter before Christmas. Let my creativity flow, make some extra cash.....but where to start?
  • Write a children's book and have my mom or brother illustrate it.
  • Look at going back to school for either a teaching degree (high school science), or anthropology- something I love, but didn't think I could make a career out of it so I chose engineering which has worked so far. Another reason I never made French my major.
  • Have a garage sale. Clean out the house of stuff and see if anyone will buy it! Toys, clothes, furniture, etc. Lots of work. Worth it for the extra cash?
  • Plan a road trip with my mom. We've been talking about doing that, but right now I'm not sure we have the finances to do it this year. I'm also not sure I have the patience to do it with a newborn....maybe I could write a book afterwards "Oh the places you can nurse"

Any other ideas? Shoot them my way.....practical or not it will at least give me something new to mull over in the wee hours of the morning.