Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brain Connections

Yes I am type A...and I know that surprises everyone! Thanks to this I love to analyze, prioritize, list, and understand "why?". Hence why I had to back track to figure out how the heck I started thinking about a childhood's the connections my brain made in about 5 minutes.

  • What a thunder storm
  • Kind of like the one in shawshank redemption when Andy escaped
  • Andy was soo good- wow.
  • The library he built was really cool
  • I love that part when that one guy is singing along to hank williams:)
  • Man I wish they played a little Hank on the radio
  • Brooks and Dunn have a song with a line in it "Hank it up a little let's rock this bar"
  • same song, another line about "I'm a George jones junkie"
  • that's a name you don't hear much anymore
  • George Jones, George Straight- do I even know any other Georges?
  • Had a neighbor George Claussan growing up.
  • He lived in a yellow house
  • Once when they were gone my brother and I watered their lawn for them
  • We left the sprinkler in once place too long and created a sink hole
  • Hm...I wonder how that ever turned out? Larry you remember???


  1. Ha ha! I loved this. I often have to go back and think about how I went from one subject to the next in my mind. I'm impressed that you remembered all of this.

  2. I remember George and the yellow house. Don't remember a sink hole. Don't know.