Friday, March 11, 2011

it's hard

Yes I am typing in poop brown. today was a poopy day. I've had kind of a poopy week. Sick off and on. Migraines. And really so far off 2 of my 3 goals for 2011 I feel like giving up and hoping for 2012- and yes, it's only March. I feel like I just want to go on a cruise or a 7 day get away with my husband- but then- that goes against goal #2, pay off debt from being pregnant for 2 years and not working full time for awhile. It probably also goes against goal #3 of losing 40 lbs this year too. That is just in the tanker right now. I feel like an addict that has fallen off the wagon, knows they need to get back on, and really can't find the way. I really just need another woman who needs to lose weight to come along side me so we can encourage each other. No offense to my skinny friends, but this is one you can't help on even though many of you have been here and are on "the other side".

Oh Lord give me strength. Give my kids sleep, and me so I have the strength and energy to do what I need to.

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  1. Sorry things have been "poopy" lately. Hey, very soon I will be wanting to lose weight too, and even more than just the baby weight I put on. Maybe we can encourage eachother?!