Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scary Day....

Whenever the kids and I are in the car and see an ambulance go by with it's lights flashing and siren wailing we pray. We pray they get there quickly to help whoever is in need, and that the person gets well.  I know someone was praying today for the one that we had to call to our house at 8am.

Sitting and eating cereal as a normal day this morning I look over at my 3 year old, Nehemiah, and his cereal bowl is tipped over with milk and cocoa crispies all over the table with his face in the milk. I thought he was playing at the table as he normally does and lapping the milk up like a dog..... nope. He was in the middle of a seizure.


That word at this moment, hours and hours later, still brings tears to my eyes and an ache to my chest. 

Just as I was starting to tell him not to play at the table he slumped in his chair and I caught him before he hit the ground. The rest is a blur but I vaguely remember screaming for Josh to hold him and put him on his side while I called 911.  Nehemiahs eyes were rolled back, his mouth open, and he was stiff and unresponsive.  While I was talking the the dispatch center he came back to crying and very confused. It probably only lasted 1 minute, but as a parent that was the longest minute of my life.

He was deathly pale, white lips, white eyes, and lethargic.  Josh held him while I was on the phone. They said help was on the way and to watch for more seizures....


Thankfully, none happened and a policeman was quick to arrive.  He just helped monitor the situation until the ambulance arrived. In front of our house. An ambulance.  That made it all that more real.

At this time Miah has just started regaining his color in his face and lips. His hand and feet were cold and he was just starting to answer some basic questions like "What is your favorite dinosaur?" :)  Still sitting very still though- which for anyone that knows my son knows that is very odd.

We got asked a million questions, checked his heart rate, blood sugar, oxygen, etc. Everything checked out just fine.

Fine? He had a seizure!

So we declined the ambulance ride and I took off to the hospital that is 3 minutes away.  

The emergency room staff had us checked in and getting monitored in less than 8 minutes. Amazing. They are amazing at their job!  Thank you Jesus for those wonderful people.

My little trooper got an IV put in, 3 vales of blood taken, and a cat scan.  Somewhere during this Josh showed up thanks to wonderful neighbors who watched Abby and Josiah for us.

After all this is said and done they found nothing.  Am I thankful or worried?  Is this a problem that will continue or just a freak one time thing?

They said that it is usually one of three categories for seizures:
1- Chronic illness due to epilepsy or diabetes
2- due to trauma to the head, falling, car accident, etc
3- a freak one time thing with no answers as to why

Since he came back so quickly with no symptoms they are pretty sure it is #3; however, #1 isn't completely ruled out yet.  He has to go in this week for more testing of his brain waves and blood sugar.

Oh my.  God bless my little one, my heart, and the doctors doing all the tests.

What a scary day.


  1. So sorry, Shamree! That's so scary! I'm praying its a freak, one-time thing.

  2. I am so so very sorry this happened. I'm sure it was SO scary! We prayed for Miah as soon as we heard the news. It's funny, I don't know why I prayed this, but right away I prayed "Lord, we pray that this is a one time freak thing...". I still pray that is the case. We love little Miah and will be waiting to hear more about the tests. Love you all!

  3. Oh my goodness Shamree! What a disconcerting situation and one that sounds like you handled quite well. Never want our kids to go through things like that. Will keep all of you in my prayers.