Friday, October 5, 2012

The Shamree Tornado

We are in our last fiscal month of the year at Agilent and busily planning for the next. I'm trying to spend money before it's gone, and decide how to spend next years money- so I know what to ask for. I'm trying to ensure I meet my Q4 goals of webhits and name captures while planning how to increase that by 30% for next year (a lofty goal). In the middle of all these crazy things I feel a sense of peace, a calmness.  I feel like I am in the eye of the tornado and creating a lot of buzz around me.
I'm planning on a new poster. I'm going to do a crossword puzzle poster, no wait! I'm going to do an I Spy collage poster, no wait! I'm going to just put information and images on it.....
Yes my mind changes directions that quickly, and I just run with it.
I love to try new things regardless of what's in my path--- I kind of just crunch right through.
It's craziness all around me with budgets and planning and changes, but in the middle of the tornado--- it's peaceful.

Fiscal Year 13, here I come- watch out!

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