Thursday, October 25, 2012

My New Project

My job to 99% of my friends and family is a mystery.  I do something that has to do something with selling stuff that's somewhat related to cell phones or computers.

My job is to create awareness/buzz on our products to help Agilent sell more stuff.  The stuff we sell tests anything electronic: cell phones, computers, tvs, etc.  Your cell phone calls the correct person you dial b/c of my equipment. Your USB stick copies information from your computer correctly because of my equipment.  You can "save" information because of my equipment.

This past Monday my company launched a website, through a media house, promoting digital items.  This site is centered around the largest trade show where we showcase my equipment: DesignCon. It has over 5,000 attendees over 4 days and we gEEk it up:)

This site is sponsored by Agilent, and I'm the lead from my company working on this site and putting our content there. It's an all consuming project, and I still have my day job, but it's fun.

Check it out- and see what I can help pull off and do for "outbound marketing".

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  1. I have to admit-I'm guilty of being one of those family members that doesn't totally get what you do. ;)
    Regardless, I know you love your job and you excel at it, and that's important.