Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Being More Than Mommy: Lost: Motivation

You were looking at my blog on Paleo with kids and I tried to reply but blogger was giving me issues.....

First, the Paleo did help the ADHD. My husband kind of gave up on it after the 60 days though because it is more work. A lot of work to do.  The ADHD just didn't seem to surface as easily and my son slept better.  It was like seeing a kid hopped up on sugar before, and the kid without sugar afterwards.  He could just control his impulses better.  I will say that it took longer to have an effect than I thought.  It just takes a few weeks at least for the glueten to get out of thier system.

It also helped my husband who has adult ADHD but he doesn't admit that either....he loves bread too much.  When he goes grocery shopping lots of bread and bagels makes it into our shopping cart. When I do that stuff is never in the cart;) 

I love that you are a runner. I want to be, but I can't even jog a mile straight at this time:( I'd love to be able to run a 5k without thinking.  I know I just need to get started, but workig full time with 3 kiddos and a house to keep up with just seems all time consuming.  I think I lost my motivation a long time ago and now I"m so far behind fitness wise, it's hard to get started again.

Anyways, feel free to email me if you have any other questions. Paleo was a great thing and I"m fighting to keep it 80% Paleo in the house now...  shamree_howard@yahoo.com

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