Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogging, personally and professionally?

Now that I've started blogging more regularly it's starting to be catchy and gives me an itch to blog more, even if anyone doesn't read it. It's nice to sometimes just get things out there more than the 140 characters of facebook.

I just started blogging professionally as well. That makes me feel more, naked, so to speak. I'm out of my comfort zone. I'm taking material from my technical expert co-workers and writing short blogs on their material, in more casual tones. I have them quickly review to make sure I didn't interpret anything weird, but I'm still nervous that I've made a huge blunder someone overlooked and I'll look like an idiot!

Plus, if you look at the site, as is with most engineering companies, 90% of the bloggers are men over the age of 50. I'm one of 3 women, only 1 of 2 women engineers, and the youngest person blogging.

Also, since I'm working with my colleagues to blog about technical topics that they are experts on- that they don't have time to blog on themselves- I feel almost like I'm trying to fake it. That isn't the case. I'm for sure not as technical as most of the other bloggers, BUT, I do have an engineering degree and understand a lot of what they are talking about, just not ALL of it- and I"m not an expert.

Check it out--- it's only 500 words. Don't fall asleep... and see what you think;)

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