Friday, May 15, 2015

Personal Trainer

Losing weight, or keeping to a healthy yet not too skinny shape is something that I feel most women struggle with. Some can't lose weight, others can't gain weight, and some just work out a lot to ensure they stay trim.  I'm the former.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing physically preventing me to actually losing weight. I can walk. I can run (not very far....). I can lift weights. And yet, most of the time I don't.  This lack of motivation or laziness is a factor of many things I've come to realize.

  1. When you are overweight you are more tired more of the time. 
  2. When you don't exercise, you don't sleep well.
  3. When you don't sleep well, you're body craves energy- mine? Usually sugar.
  4. Sugar gives you a quick boost, then drags you down- and makes you gain weight.
  5. I work full time and have 4 kids at home. Thus time is at a premium.
Beyond that- there are no excuses. How do you find that "motivation" or "umph" ?  My bloodwork revealed that I was deficient in many vitamins including Vitamin D and B12.  

There are no guarantees of tomorrows. Every day I spent overweight I miss golden opportunities to enjoy life more.  To run with my kids. To go biking. To walk up the stairs and not be out of breath. To sleep well.

I not only want to add quality to my life, but FUN.

So- if I can't motivate myself to get my workouts done- I'm going to pay someone who will. I've hired a personal trainer at our YMCA. I bought a lot of sessions and there was a special deal so it was like $30/hr.  Yes it's still a lot of money for something that I 'should' be able to do myself; however, it's cheaper than surgery. It's healthier than diet pills. And--- although I'm sure I'll curse my trainer a few times, it will be more fun and fulfilling than just doing it on my own. 

Here's my motivation:
  1. I want to not be plus size anymore. I want to never shop at lane bryant again.
  2. I want to be physically active with my husband and kids. Hiking, biking, roller blading, skiing, etc. I don't want to just watch or that my knees can't handle it.
  3. Mexico/Swimsuits. We're going to Mexico after Christmas and I want to get all new clothes and swimsuits!
  4. I want to run a 5k. I want to be able to jog/run the whole thing without stopping.  Right now, I can't do .3 miles without walking.

There you have it. I did my assement on 5/14 and I start my first session on 5/19 at 5am... ACK.... 
prayers appreciated. :) 

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