Monday, September 26, 2016

Help Nehemiah Buy Emmanuel a Cow!

Meet Emmanuel. He is 13 years old and lives in Rwanda. Emmanuel is a child we sponsor through Compassion International. His US education level is grade 3.

Meet Nehemiah. He is 7 years old. He has a heart for Emmanuel.
He is on a mission to raise $200 to buy Emmanuel a cow.
9/29/16 update: Nehemiah has raised/earned $150. He still needs $50 more.

The other day, he looked at our fridge and saw Emmanuel's latest picture and he was silent. He took the picture off the fridge and asked me, "Mama, why are his eyes so red? Why is his tummy so round?" So we had a conversation about hunger. It was very hard.

I was sitting at the dinner table working, and Nehemiah comes by and brings me band-aids and Neosporin.  "Mama, please send these to Emmanuel. It will make him feel better". It broke my heart. I had to tell him that we can't send Emmanuel items, but we can send him money to help.

I was still working at the table. Nehemiah drops a handful of change and a dollar bill on the table. "Mama, can we send Emmanuel my allowance?" Again, it broke my heart.

I showed Nehemiah how we send money online to Emmanuel. He asked me, "Mama, I want to send Emmanuel more money. Can we help his family?"  We looked at the gift options, and Nehemiah decided he wanted to buy Emmanuel a cow.  This will not only help Emmanuel with food, but will also help his family bring income home.

Will you help?

Nehemiah is selling handmade drawings, and friendship bracelets to help buy Emmanuel a cow.

Please look at the following and contact me if you would like to help Nehemiah buy Emmanuel a cow.

Each bracelet suggested donation is $1.50 ($1 dollar for the cow and $.50 to cover shipping/purchase). Please let me know the quantity and color you'd like to receive.

Each picture below has a title and suggested donation price; however, any small amount will help and be much appreciated. In your email, please choose the drawing and send me your current address so we can mail it to you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and as always, prayers are appreciated for Emmanuel and his family.

Best Regards,
Nehemiah (Shamree & Josh)
Pictures (more coming so keep checking back)
I will update this later with which pictures have been purchased.

Blue birds: $5.00- 

My Monster $3.00 -

Pirate Ship $2.00 

Emmanuel Happy After he has a cow $1.00

Dolphins and Fish $2.00

Rainbow Fish -SOLD

Daddy hiking in the mountains $2.00

The Lord is my strength SOLD

Exodus 4:12  SOLD

Keep my Covenant SOLD

Small Rainbow SOLD

Fishing in the mountains SOLD

Sunny Mountains  SOLD

Purple mountains (by Abi)  SOLD

Yoshi SOLD

Flowers in a vase (11"x17")  SOLD

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