Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are there any normal people out there?

I really am starting to wonder if there are any normal people out there. Especially in the work place. Integrity, professionalism, honesty all used to mean something. Am I just becoming jaded as I have been in the same company for 5 years now and I'm "wiser" in the ways of the world? Or has my company changed due to all the layoffs? Or is it my remote employee status starting to rear it's ugly head now?

I have just seen so many backstabbing, rude, cheapskate shortcuts over the last few months that I am starting to wonder if this is where I really want to be.

I am praying that someone, somehow today will resort my faith and opinion of people I work with as this morning I have my doubts......


  1. I had a recent position where I was to lead some significant organizational change, I had earlier success within my department and the owner wanted to implement similar initiatives company wide. The resistance, pettiness, undermining and deceit were unbelievable. It had to be the most difficult career situation I’ve been in. I had no support and in the course of a couple years was in a very stressful struggle very much singled out and alone. I ultimately lost that battle. I’m telling you this because in the middle of all of that there were a few good people, they just were not in a position to speak out they feared reprisals. The majority of employed Americans are in jobs they do not like. There is a large Gallup study that is really an eye opener only 26% of employees are engaged in their jobs that is actively involved, passionate, committed, etc. 55% are unengaged that is discouraged and unwilling to do more than the minimum amount of work to maintain employment and 19% are disengaged this group is angry and actively working against the companies interests! I would say that you are not jaded your working with the 75% of unengaged and disengaged employees in the workforce.

  2. I have recently seen a lot of backstabbing and gossip at my work lately too.
    It makes me so sad to see that some people don't really care about character any more.
    I hope and pray this get better for you. There's nothing like being unhappy at work.