Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tired once again

yes yes, I am tired once again. The pregnancy dead-in-your-tracks tiredness is upon me, and with a nursing 6 month old and energetic almost 3 yr old, I think it's worse this time around than the first two. People say have kids while you are young, but geez- do you know how old I feel? I'm tired all the time and can barely wait to put my kids to sleep by 7:30 so I can crawl into bed too. Thus, if you call us after 8pm we won't answer b/c we are asleep- or at least I am and and Josh is probably reading.

On top of it all, my dear baby Nehemiah is going through teething and separation anxiety. So when we leave him at night, he falls asleep beautifully, but if he wakes up at night he screams until he gets mommy or daddy in the room. Then when we tiptoe out, thinking he's asleep, he screams again. Plus he wakes up in pain when his Tylenol runs out- poor little guy. I guess I feel the most guilty as he won't be my baby for long as we'll have another baby when he is just over a year.

Not sure if I want a little boy so they can share rooms, and be really close- or a little girl since I just had a little boy. But then he'd be tortured with and older and younger sister:) Actually either is fine with me as long as they are healthy. I pray for that daily as this new little one is developing almost without my knowing. At 6 weeks he/she is the size of a lentil bean, 1/4 of an inch. Their heart is beating 100-140 times a minute which is twice the times mine does- wow. how amazing? Their little heart is already going strong. Bless you little one. Bless you.

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  1. Wow! There is nothing like that early-pregnancy tired. I remember feeling wiped out all the time.
    Poor Miah, does he have any teeth yet?
    How'd your first prego appointment go?