Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ultrasound pictures

Here are the pictures of our wonderful little bundle of joy #3- another little boy! The top image is my favorite and looks like he is laughing!
This is another 3D image and he is smiling with his hands up by his face.

This one is of him lying on his back looking up, and you are looking at him from the side so you see his profile.



  1. Wow! The top one does look like he's smiling. I can't wait to meet him! Have you picked a first name yet?

  2. Josh and I went out to eat last night to celebrate and our top choice for now is Isaac Dean. Runner up is Zachariah or Zachery Dean:) 4 more months to finalize though:) So excitting...and nerve racking. We will be out numbered now!

  3. Shamree and Josh, Chris and I are so happy for you both. Lots of love - FYI, we'll be using that spare bedroom/bathroom in your house this year when we visit. G