Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby daze

Life with Josiah has been good. He is the easiest baby thus far in his 11 days on this earth. He already is above his birth weight as he is a good eater, mostly every 4 hours which is nice. Having him so close to Nehemiah, without giving my body a break was crazy. I almost cracked! But now on the back side it's nice to know my pregnant days are over and now I can look forward to enjoying my little family. I've missed time with my husband. I've missed doing my daughters hair in the mornings. I've missed being able to pick up Nehemiah. I've missed being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath (almost there). I've missed feeling like "me"---and it's all starting to come back. In fact, in spite of normal labor healing, I feel better now that I have in months! months I tell you! I feel like I just completed the craziest triathlon that I could put my body through and now I"m like GLAD that is over and WOW can't believe I did that! I'm now looking so forward to so many things:

  • Getting my body back into shape
  • Biking/Backpacking/Hiking with Josh and the kids
  • Playing chase
  • Doing girly things with Abby
  • Watching "the boys" grow up so close in age together
  • Wearing any pants/shorts that are not stretchy waist:)
  • Drinking a glass of wine once in awhile

So many of these things are still way out in the future, but I can't help but start to think of all the fun things we will do as family of 5. I guess I can start to imagine the future more now that I know Josiah was our last baby. In fact, I think that is a huge reason I can/am enjoying him so much b/c I know it's my last one...sniff sniff...yeah yeah! Yes I'd love another little girl, but not enough to go through pregnancy again or think about all the finances we'd need to have another one. I am so blessed with the three I have, and I know I'll have my hands full! I'm glad I am off work so long, but I know by the end of the summer off with Josh and the 3 kiddos I will start to look forward to going back to work. Maybe not the craziness of the launches that will await me when I return....but I enjoy my work and honestly? I'm a better mother when I have that time away from the kids- with something that stimulates and challenges my brain. Plus, I guess I know the people teaching my kids are more qualified in the "development" part of their education than I am. Abby just got her year end evaluation and she is doing fabulous! She is one of the youngest in her class having moved up to the 3-4 yr old room in August when her 3rd bday wasn't until late November. I'm amazed at all she has learned at her preschool, amazed. Plus she is so caring with her brothers. She loves to play with Nehemiah, sometimes too rough since he isn't even 18 months yet. And she watches out for him and tries to teach him things too. And she loves loves loves Josiah. Holding him, helping bathe him, getting his pacifier, watching him, etc. She's going to be the 2nd mother to her brothers, whether they like it or not;)'s late and I really should be sleeping while Josiah is sleeping. Night night.

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