Monday, May 17, 2010

Josiah Dean Howard

Josiah Dean Howard was born on May 16th at 4:05am. He was 8lbs 9oz and 20.5" long.

The highlights of his birth?

  • Sat May 15th, sent home from hospital b/c he was facing the wrong way and I wasn't progressing in labor.

  • Sun 2am woke up with severe labor pains.

  • 3:35am checked into hospital, was 7cm dialated

  • Got edpidural put in, but no time for actual use of drugs.

  • Water exploded, hitting wall 6 feet away making nurses say "Oh my God!"

  • Told to push once....his head crowned quickly

  • Told to STOP pushing b/c the doctor wasn't there

  • Stopped pushing; however, he came out anyways

  • 4:05am nurses caught Josiah

  • 4:10 am doctor saunters in saying "You could have given me more warning"

We are all home and doing well. Tired but oh so blessed...


  1. Congratulations, Sham and Josh! We can't wait to meet both Nehemiah and Josiah next Christmas at the Howard family reunion. We send our love and blessings to you.

    Rosie and Chris

  2. At least you made it to the hospital. Congrats on the little guy. Glad you are all safely home. Enjoy your time with family.

  3. What a beautiful baby, and what an entrance!! God bless you Josiah and may all your entrances be bold and intentional. Lots of love from Dana, Mark, Bridget, Phoebe and Rachel

  4. AAAAAAA! I was not prepared for the water-spraying- the-wall comment. I'll be crossing my legs for the rest of the week.

    Congratulations to you and Josh. Very excited to meet the new little dude. Get some rest.

  5. Wow! Sounds like an exciting delivery! He's so cute Shamree!

  6. What a story! So glad we got to meet him. He is beautiful. Love you all!