Sunday, March 10, 2013

What the heck is Whole30?

My family and I have started on a new and crazy adventure, thanks to my girlfriend from college Pam. I saw a few posts here and there about how many days into this "whole30" she was and her accomplishments.  One post caught my eye as it talked about energy and the "sugar dragon".  So I started reading online. The most I could tell is that this was close to Paleo, whatever that was, and was a new fad diet.  However, being overweight, and not losing any weight in months- I was intrigued. I decided to order the book and at least read about it.

This new fad diet looked like meat, veggies, and fruit. I can do that.  No glueten. Hm.... ok. I'm game for that too. I'm not a big bread person anyways. No beans. Hm....ok I guess. No dairy. What??  I love my yogurt. Cream in my coffee and cheese. Yup. No dairy. Yikes! 

But after reading the whole book, in 1 sitting, I was ready to jump in. As they say in the book, what are you waiting for? Start now!

The basics of this 30 day plan is to reset your hormones and brain to work the way they should in relation to food.  So much of what we eat actually prevents us from losing that belly fat, falling asleep, or feeling full and not wanting those snacks at 10pm at night.

It goes back to the basics of food and is similar, but a little more strict, than the Paleo way of eating. Also known as the caveman, since you eat like they did. Veggies, fruit and all natural meat without hormones. you do eat fat too! Good fats from nuts and things like avacados. Sounds........slightly weird right?

The biggest clencher for me is that 95% of the people that have done this for 30 days without cheating have slept better, woken up with energy in the morning instead of in that "fog", had less aches/pains, less headaches, etc etc etc.  Oh yeah, and the average weight loss is between 6 adn 15 lbs.

Let's face it. 30 days for a chance to jump start my weight loss (again.....)? I'm all for it.  Not having the sugar cravings, and waking up with energy are a big bonus though.

So after I read the book, I convinced my husband to do it with me. It says you need a support group. I hope to get some people at work to do it as well, but we'll see.



  1. Getting sugar out of your system has such positive affects. I think this sounds like a great diet. I'll be checking back into the blog to see how things are going. Positive thoughts being sent your way!

  2. Good luck! Looks tough, but you can do it! Excited to hear how this is going.