Thursday, April 4, 2013

Whole30, with kids, what day is it?

I can honestly say that I have no clue how many days we've been trying this new way of eating. I know it's not 30 days yet, but it's our last full week, and I'm doing pretty darn good.

Josh and I have talked to so many people about this and here are a few things I think we can agree upon:
  • We are feeling great, and I've had a huge increase in energy.
  • I've lost weight. Finally tally to be seen next week.
  • The kids have fully accepted it and are eating great. I didn't think they'd last past the first 2 days honestly.
  • It's expensive.  It's hard to eat healthy.  There are so many cheaper options out there that will fill you up faster than a salad with chicken on it, but do I really want to feed that to my kids?
  • We can't wait to have "special" things again like ice cream, pizza, candy, wine, etc. But we are both worried we won't keep it to "special" times and it will become regular eating again. Dessert every night after dinner, even if it's 1 cookie, is still too often.
That being said, we're looking to the future and how we can incorporate this as much as possible for good.  We're pretty sure we won't go back to cows milk and will limit cheese, sigh. I love cheese.

Here is a good article on cows milk. I have to admit, it does feel "un-American" to not drink cows milk. Dr. Oski comments, "Being against cow milk is equated with being un-American,"

I think we are going to bring in back Greek yogurt though, for breakfast shakes. We need a quick alternative to eggs every morning. A good fruit shake, with a non-whey protein powder and Greek yogurt, and spinach is very satisfying. With a banana in it, you don't even taste the spinach and have all the added benefits of eating your greens.

We need to determine a cheaper way of doing this, and I'm just not sure how yet. We're going to look into a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, program here--- and hope that helps.

I know we really want to keep the all-natural meat products because there are just too many hormones in the meat we serve our children and our selves. This is better than just going vegetarian. I'm not sure I could do that.

Josh still misses his breads, a lot.  We're just not sure what to do about that yet. We've started making pancakes and muffins with almond flour and coconut flour- and they are yummy! However, sometimes a meal calls for a tortilla, or chips, or bread for a sandwich---- and we just aren't sure what we're going to do about that yet.

Any thoughts? Anyone still reading this crazy adventure I'm on?  Still think I'm nuts? :)

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