Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whole30, day 20 "stress" eating and skinny wraps

I have to admit that we run out of food faster now and my kids are eating more. They all are going through growth spurts, or are just loving the food we are making. I've started double recipes to have left overs for lunch..... and many times I still don't have left overs! And my kids are only ages 2, 4 and 6!  I'm so happy to see my 2 year old munching on long carrots  and spaghetti squash and my 4 year old chowing down on apples and cucumbers and my 6 year old eating anything we put in front of her. 

But today I am a little tired, and feeling very stressed. It's nothing big, but tons of little things and I find myself wanting to stress eat. Normally this is where a candy bar, or 2 would come in. Or a starbucks run for a "light" mocha. Or a "let's go to lunch" and split an appetizer, eat a lunch, and split a dessert- would all come in.  In stead I'm trying to drink water, lots of water. Eat a grapefruit and nuts.  Now... I found myself starting to scarf down the nuts because they are easy. I can't have them be my new "stress" food. They are good for you, in small quantities--- not by the handful after handful after handful. Even if they are raw nuts and not honey roasted. Hm... honey roasted. I could go for some honey right now.  Thus after eating my small bowlful of nuts, and coconut flakes I'm forcing myself to eat grapefruit. Which I love, but it's totally not a stress food.  I need to break this bad habit of stress eating.  Now I doubt anyone ever had health issues from stress drinking water---- so I think I'm still ok there;)

Also, news flash- for those few that even read this (thanks by the way). I'm going to "wrap" today. I decided I"m going to do it. I broke down and bought an Easter outfit yesterday. My kids all got new outfits thanks to their Grammy. My husband has great clothes and me.... well I tend to dress in black dress clothes. Not so good for Easter. So.....I shopped around and found something I'm excited to wear, with cute shoes (of course!) and am going to wrap myself.

For those that haven't heard about "skinny wraps" here is my friend/neighbors site that sells them.

To answer your questions, because these are the ones that I had:

  • What is it? It is a pre-treated cloth that is botanically infused with ingredients like horse chestnut, eucalyptus, green leaf tea extract, bladder wrack, horsetail, ivy, jojoba, guarana, butchers broom.1.
  • How long does it last? A full application last 2-5 months (full application is 4 wraps). I plan to try 1 to start.
  • How much is it? It's $25 to wrap at a party that's a $10 savings... outside of the party it's $35. Keep in mind though everyone is eligible to get my Distributor pricing just by becoming a loyal customer. What this means is 1. you can get a box of 4 wraps for $59 and 2. you have to sign up for a 3 month auto ship (it doesn't mean you have to stick with the wraps all three months, you can do Fat Fighters or Thermofit or any of the other weight loss supplements). But Loyal Customer pricing is definitely a better deal.
  • How "big" of an area does it cover? The wrap is pretty big, it covers your entire abdomen and sides, you can use it anywhere, legs, hips, calves, arms, neck, back... just not your face. We have a facial applicator for that area.
So... I'm going to try this tonight. It's not an "instead of" working out or losing weight, but more of a motivator to keep going. To feel that way I'll need to lose another 20 lbs. I'm on my way, but this will be a good reminder of WHY I'm eating right. WHY I'm not stress eating like I used to. WHY I drink so much water. And how great I'll feel when that is all me, and there is less of me and it's a healthier me:)

p.s. stress eating grapefuit makes you sick!

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