Wednesday, October 22, 2014

21 Day Fix: Day 10

SUGAR! I want SUGAR! This would make my day today.........
And yes, then it would make me sick tomorrow.

I'm trying to drink my organic green tea and have thought about eating some carrots---- but really who can make their brain think it's candy when it's a carrot. I'd rather not eat anything.

Oh man..... I hope this passes soon.

Good thing I'm laid up with a sprained ankle or I might take the dog on the walk and just happen to walk into the nearby 7-11 to browse and end up stuffing my face with 3 candy bars before check-out and 10 more on the way home that I "got for the kids" and then throw away the trash in a neighbors trash can to hide the evidence.

Yes, right now, I am that crazy.

Oh Sugar Craze...... GO AWAY!  Today, I will win this battle;)

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