Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Nursing Mothers Quandry

What to do? My doctors tell me to wean my 6 month old. My tired body tells me to wean. My soul wants to nurse him as long as possible for the benefits to him, but not at the expense of the new little life forming inside me. What to do? La leche group says it's fine, many nurses say it's fine, but my doctors advice is hard to ignore. Maybe it's the mothers guilt of not taking care of my baby in my arms because of the baby in my belly. Maybe it feels like he is already getting kicked out of the "baby" of the family because of this new member that won't make an appearance for 7+ months yet. I have no idea what to do. I know what my soul wants to do and it's fighting against my head. Talk about a headache..... oh what to do????


  1. Shamree,
    I wish I had advice for you but no, I wasn't nursing Hudson when we got pregnant with Reagan. In fact, I had just finished weaning him. From everything that I've heard though, I'm fairly certain you're safe to continue breastfeeding, as long as you're taking in enough calories to maintain Miah's weight and the growth of your number three.

    Good luck in the decision!

  2. I know it is so tough, but I am afraid that Natalie's birth weight (only 5 pounds) was related to the fact that I nursed through the first formative pregnancy months. But we'll support you whatever you decide! I feel so close to you right now, because I have been there!

  3. I nursed my elder one for 9 months and nursing my little one from last 3 months! Just bought two nursing sleep bras, I was really needing hem badly!!