Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whole 30, with kids, day 2

March 10th, 2013
I woke up at 6:45 and was actually awake. I felt pretty good but laid in bed for a bit.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, salsa, avocado, bell peppers, and sliced turkey meat.
Kids: orange juice, bananas, sliced meat and lot of crying over taking one bite of yellow bell pepper.

Lunch: whatever we could grab. Chicken, nuts, carrots, etc. We were a little busy running around and didn't really sit down for a good lunch. We should have b/c we both were a little grumpy.
Kids: chicken I had grilled on Sat, which they didn't eat w/out dip. cucumbers, which they love. Water. And lots of complaining.....

This is getting fun. Especially our 2 year old. He'll eat when he gets really hungry, but "snack" is getting really old. that is his code word for goldfish or cheezeits. I didn't realize how our 2 year old was surviving on those so much!

Then it was the afternoon of preparing dinner and breakfast for the next day. We decided on a butter nut squash bake for Monday's breakfast... so I wanted to get it done on Sunday night for an easy Monday morning rush of getting ready and out the door.  This is a weird looking squash that I have never cooked.

The dinner I was cooking was spaghetti squash with homemade red pasta sauce and meatballs.  The sauce/meatballs was a mess! It was a pain to cook and the meatballs didn't stay meatballs... so it ended up being meat sauce, but it tasted pretty good.  Again the kiddos fought us tooth and nail. I bribed them with fruit and pumpkin muffins I had made earlier that they called "cupcakes".  My 4 year old was the champion and ate the most and tried everything.... yeah! My 6 year old has pink eye, doesn't feel good, ate a few bites of veggies and went to bed.

Josh also finally made the ranch dressing, on the 3rd attempt! You have to use extra light olive oil and add in the oil really really really slowly while mixing. It takes forever! However, I am proud to say that we FINALLY have a dip our kids will eat their chicken with.... Hallelujah! Success #3.

My 2 year old... "snack? Mama snack? Dad snack?" AUGH! We bribed. We begged. We left him alone. Nothing worked. He did not like the meal. So he sat down for a quick bite right before bed of rocket fuel and apple slices.  He won't eat the nuts plain, but he will eat them chopped up in this rocket fuel stuff. Whatever works!

Day 2 ending... my head really hurts. Not sure if this is a headache from the pressure change we have in the air, or my body getting really mad at the lack of caffeine and sugar. You can have caffeine, but my morning coffee without cream and sugar isn't that appealing.

Last note? Squashing up yummy strawberries and adding them to water to try and make it more appealing is not a good idea. Strawberries have too many seeds that float and taste weird. I agree with my 2 year old on this one "Yuck".

p.s. I'll tell you how the butternut squash bake turned out tomorrow, it's for breakfast.

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