Friday, March 15, 2013

Whole30, with kids, day 7 with pinkeye

Nothing that is worth it comes easy. Eating healthy, getting fit- isn't easy. It isn't any easier when you have kids that rotate being sick, don't sleep through the night, and make you take time off work to watch them with pink eye. Yes now my 2 youngest have pink eye and I'm home with them today.

We are on day 7 at last! We are all getting hungry for sugar. We for sure need more slow cooker meals and easy to fix meals that are fast to grab. In addition, we need better lunches. I think we'll try to double some of the dinner meals and use those for lunches.

We did find whole30 approved pre-made ketchup and hotdogs. WAHOO.

I also found a good chicken tender recipe that I'm going to try this week for the kiddos.

I actually had a nightmare last night about a mini-family reunion next weekend at the Cabin. I dreamt that my in-laws brought all breads with icing and chocolate milk, all things we can't have.  Then my brother in law and sister in law brought smores items. My other brother and pregnant sister in law and little niece and nephew brought gummy bears, goldfish, cheeze its, syrup for pancakes and yummy coffee creamer. All things we can't have. My kids were screaming. The whole family was yelling at Josh and I about how weird we were in our eating and that "1 treat" wouldn't hurt. And we left after about 4 hours of being there with kids screaming the whole 3 hours home.

Yeah. Nightmare!

Hopefully by then we'll have some tried and true yummy recipes that all of us like and we can stick to it.  Life will happen, and our health can't wait. There will always be something.

Speaking of something.... we already have 1 "cheat" meal planned for the kids, hence why we didn't want to have a second one a week later. This Saturday my 3 year old turns 4. We had already planned his bday party at Chuck E Cheese. He's never had a real bday party with friends (neighbors) and wanted one this year. Pizza. Cake. Punch. Yup..... kids are going to go crazy. My only hope is that they eat a huge breakfast and aren't that hungry and run around too much to sit and eat food there.  Josh and I plan to stick to the whole30 plan the whole time, no cake, no pizza. It will be very hard for us!

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